Specializing in furniture made from antique lumber


I am proud to introduce my rustic furniture line to you.


Years of experience in craftsmanship and restoration of antique furniture have gone into these pieces to bring you some of the most elegant rustic furniture available.


– Ken Werbach

I specialize in making unique tables and furniture out of old lumber. The furniture I make is made from antique pine, oak, walnut, maple, cherry and other native lumber. Every piece is individually crafted using hand selected reclaimed lumber.

This rescued historical material is  from 100 + year old barns, out buildings, commercial buildings and houses. This lumber dates from turn-of-the-century or older where timber was abundant and big. Logs were taken from forest and sent down rivers to the mill. The material used in these pieces is old growth lumber. The density and tight grain of this wood is unlike the lumber you buy today.

The circular saw marks from the old mill, nail and bolt holes and the patina that comes after 100 years of aging makes every piece entirely unique and none are identical except for the design. I spend a great amount of time painstakingly sanding this material to achieve a smooth, luxurious texture without loosing the original characteristics of the aged wood.


I also make furniture out of new native hardwood lumber I have selected from a small local sawmill. The wood is hand selected by me looking for cool grain patterns.

The furniture is handcrafted  and time-consumingly made by hand like the antique furniture of the 19th century. I use the old and the modern technology methods of hand tools and power tools to build the furniture (and is not mass produced like the modern furniture.)  The finish is applied by hand with 4 coats of satin polyurethane varnish on it that is sanded and rubbed out between coats to achieve a smooth durable long lasting finish. This furniture is well built and I am certain it will last for 100 years or more.

These tables would look great in a log or a country home and can be used as an office or computer desk and a dining table.

If these tables are not the size you are needing contact me , or call 479-616-6622 for a price quote. Shipping is available, contact me for exact shipping quotes or you could pickup the table if you would like. I live in Joplin, Missouri.

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